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La Riviera

For centuries, the people of Southern Italy have flocked to La Riviera—the beautiful coastline where the Italian Peninsula dips gently into the Mediterranean Sea. They come to enjoy its natural beauty—and its delicious cuisine.

Maybe it's the sunshine, the water, or the generous harvests from both the fertile land and rich Mediterranean Sea. But for generations, La Riviera has inspired traditional cooking that celebrates love, life, and family.

At La Riviera Lounge, we continue that tradition through finely crafted family dining, and expertly selected spirits—each inspired by the warm glow of a Mediterranean sunset, and perfected in the cozy kitchens of our parents and grandparents. Our menu pairs traditional Southern Italian cooking (the very same dishes that owner and head chef Ida Bea has cooked for decades in her family kitchen) with exciting nightly specials inspired by traditional Argentinian cuisine.

It's food for family. Food for romance. Food for celebration, every day.


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